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New face here!

2016-04-10 18:19:06 by V1KK1

Hi I'm just poping by to say Helllo! 

I've got a german shepherd/swiss herder named Anubis that we call Noob and two cats, Xena and Prinsen. I also got some gold fishes, Billy and Ben and the catfish Bob. I love to spend time with my animals, painting and crafting and gardening. 

I've got a Wacom Draw Tablet that I paint the digital art with. I'm stil learning how it works and the program I usually use is the ArtRage that came with the tablet but I also got Paint tool Sai. 

My normal media I work with are mostly acrylic since you can paint on top of your mistakes and they'll be gone! But I also spend a lot of time scrabbling a lot of black and white sketches and coal is one media I enjoy very much since its messy and black.

I have "periods" I paint a lot and some times I dont touch the brushes at all. 
My Icon picture I made myself with Paint tool Sai (when I didn't have a tablet), and I have used photoshop and made a Counter Strike skin for two weapons. When I was living at home my dad had an Amiga with Dpaint I used a lot so I've grown up with computer programs and are comfortable with them. 

I hope some of my work I upload here will be apriciated but I'm still painting for myself first hand. However feel free to ask questions or give advise so I can improve.